Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Seriuosly Sometimes Leave My Brain At The Door Before I Step Into My Craft Room

Last weekend I thought that its about time I try making something else other than the cushion cover. I have more than enough of the covers. And so I flipped some pages from Poppy's book and finally decided I should try this purse, the Called-Off-The-Search Purse.

It looks very simple and should be easy



Very very easy .... peanuts ... kacang lah .... I cut everything ... I applique ... I sewed .... humming with the sound of the birds outside .... tra la la la la la la la ... happy to be working and sewing without having to think of anything ... (remember I left the brain at the door).

I managed to finish it and here I present to you my very own Called-The-Search-Off purse :-

Just nice ... but not that neat
(Sorry I cant seem to rotate this photo to the correct position.
This particular photo seems to have issues
degil gila !)

with the nice yellow button and all

anyways just look at this next pic

Hey the bunting is supposed to be at the back not underneath the flap in front


silly me !

silly silly silly me

Ladies, this is the reason why you should always carry your brains around. If not you ll be just like one of those Malaysian politicians .... thats why the country is in the mess .. some just leave the brains at home and most dont even have one in the first place .... hahahaha (jahatnya gelaka)



rosh said...

Some are brainless. Some are brain-dead. To activate your brain...ehem.. start crafting... I rest my case...

Yati said...

saya setuju tentang politicians tu. :D
Btw, salah jahit pun takpe, sendiri jugak mau pakai.

Ayu said...

that is bcoz while doing it you were humming to the sound of birds.. kat rumah hang mana ada bird malam2...aku tau la..

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

rosh: payah kot kalau macam Bung Mokhtar tu nak buat craft ... apa lagi Samy Vellu .....

Yati: rasa poyo gila bila tengok salah ... heshhh malaih dah aih nak tetas ....

Ayu: aku buang waktu siang lahh ... series rumah aku pagi2 ada burung berkicau .. aku rasa mcm aku Snow White ......muahahahahaha

rimbun said...

i thot u day dreaming hehehe