Thursday, September 30, 2010

Esok Gambar Dengan Posmen

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Winners

Salam All.

Finally, the day has come for me to announce the winners of my first ever Giveaway. Even though it didnt happen the way I thought it would be .. (with hundreds of entries ...( hahahaha ada hati mimpi email sampai ke seratus) ) it drove me crazy too ..... with emails reaching not even 10 ... it was quite disheartening .. but then serve me right .. gatal buat soalan susah ! No wonder even Ayu said its like I m not willing to giveaway anything at all.

The riddle was something I got years back and I thought you ladies would have known or at the very least googled and found the answer from somewhere ... but it turned out not many even had a clue of what it is.

So heres the answer to the riddle:-


Yeap ...

"Nothing" could ever precede or be greater than HIM.

"Nothing" is more evil than the devil

Poor people (usually) have "nothing"

Wealthy people (usually) need "nothing"

If you eat "nothing" .. you will of course die

And as for the second part of the question where you have to list down the items .. well I dont really mind whatever you put in the list ... as long as theres a list. Just something for you to do ... hehe .. *evil grin*

The reason I put down the 100th email is actually for you all to help me get to that figure by .. well ... announcing it to the others so they would join too .. but like I said serve me right ..padan muka ... because of the difficult riddle ... manalah ada hati nak iklankan kat orang kan kan kan. Diri sendiri pun tak tau jawapan nak cerita hapanya kat orang lain ..... haih ...

Below are the list of winners and their winning items. I really hope you ladies love them , and yes please leave your mailing details in the comment or you can just email me. I hope to send out the items by this week insya Allah.

Haslina Haroon

(you should have a blog too!)


Sue Rosly

Erin Rizz



Lynn Nasir

Sheila Wahid


Nice Craft Sewing Studio

and Sue of Yarn and Hook, I didnt receive your answer/email, can you please forward the email you had sent, to my I'll see if the answer you gave was correct or not, and will find something nice to give you if you did send the correct answer.

Haslina, take good care of this Ayam.
A handmade leather purse I found in Trang Thailand
which I personally love
but decided to Give it Away
because I believe
you should always give to people things that you yourself love

and I do love all the things that I gave away today

hiks hiks hiks

and dont worry all .... there ll be another Giveaway insyaAllah this coming November which would be the month of my BIRTHDAY .. and yes I promise you .. no difficult task this time .. perhaps just a simple drawing or sudoku ... hahahahaha .. ok kidding !

Thank you everybody. Dont forget to join my next GA in November ok ! and the prizes would of course be the things worthy of entry.


I need to finish my table cloth


Giveaway Entry Closed !

I know you might want to argue with me that I should wait until the last 100th email. But my my my to wait that long ............ its going to take a few month or may be years .. haha (ok i m exaggerating a bit).

Anyways , being a good friend to Ayu my-good-fren-whos-not-entitled-to-enter-the-GA, I'm following her suggestion to choose the winners from only those who have sent in the answers.

I will announce the lucky names later today insyaAlllah, with photos of their winning items !!!!

Later alligator !

Monday, September 27, 2010

Colan-Colannya (Kata Alleycats)

Ladies ... I m listing here the list of those who had sent in the correct correct correct answers:-

1. Haslina Haroon
2. Sue Rosly
3. Errin Rizz

For those who had sent but are not listed here can you please email me again because like I said my Blackberry went berserk and was sent for repair .. I should only be getting it in a few days time. So in the mean time, please resend your answers again to

And Yoon, jawap sekerat saja mana buleh .... you only answered the riddle part and must have forgotten to answer the next part.

Sheila Wahid ... send sekali lagi buleh tak .

dan pada yg lain .... dengan linangan air mata saya nak kata "Cuba lagi ...."

Salam Hari Isnin

Friday, September 24, 2010

Macam Mana Ni Nak Buat Giveaway .. Semua Orang Tak Tau Jawapan .... !!!!!!


Nak kasi hadiah .. tapi soalan susah lah pulak

yang berani hantar jawapan .. semuanya betul ...

mcm mana nak sampai email yang ke seratus nih .. kalau sepuluh pun tak cecah lagi


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MamaNuriel Pun Buat Giveaway Mak Andeh, Bukan Kita Saja

Giveaway MamaNuriel yang sangat baik selalu komen kat blog saya yang miskin hina kaya budi bahasa ini .... hahahaha. Sila klik gambar untuk ke entry beliau.

Oleh kerana perhubungan yang baik sudah terjalin kami berdua hampir serentak bermimpi nak buat Giveaway ... pun begitu saya sangat suka dengan beg yang beliau warwarkan sebagai tawaran hadiah Giveaway beliau.

seperti kata pepatah:-

Kalau ke Kelantan jumpa Ustaz Nik
Kalau buat Giveaway harap dapat kat CraftyAnique


Dan saya tahu ramai yang tarik rambut sebab rasa susah dengan Giveaway saya, malah ada yang buat tuduhan seperti saya tidak mahu memberi hadiah ... hehe Ayu lah tu .. kata saya tak nak kasi hadiah.. padahal dia memang tak buleh masuk pung.

Jangan putus asa ..... tak semua di dunia ni seperti apa yang kita jangka .. silalah terus mencoba.
Anda pasti tidak akan hampa .... (wahh rhymenya ...)

Selamat Hari Selasa


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Giveaway Yeay Yeay

As promised I am presenting to you the things that could be yours !

and all are my favourite items

the terms:-

-Solve this "teka-teki"

1. The word has 7 letters
2. Preceeded God
3. Greater than God
4. More evil that the devil
5. All poor people have it
6. Wealthy people need it
7. If you eat it, you will die

-list down the items of the giveaway in the photos

and send your answers to my email:-

I will only reveal the winners after I get the 100th email

ok. ladies u know what to do

have fun !

those who had sent in the answers vide the email above can you please re-send to another email

my blackberry failed me


Friday, September 10, 2010

Salam Aidil Fitri

Maaf Zahir Batin

With Love

Monday, September 6, 2010

Alasan Buat Alas Meja

Its actually not finished yet ...
but I just cant wait to show you

I m making it reversible !

and as for the Giveaway ...



Friday, September 3, 2010

Maafkan Aku Jika Tak Selalu Bersamamu

I was being very busy


I lied there a bit

I have not been making any projects lately even though I have cut some fabrics to make one beautiful table cloth ... (well of course we all want to think our creations are beautiful or otherwise we would have to use the seam ripper again, right?)

Anyways, I must confess that I have been busy playing with my new toy and neglected this blog a bit (ok not a bit only a few weeks hokey..?)

But, be happy ladies ! Even though I was away .... I am now preparing to have my very FIRST GIVEAWAY,Insya Allah

Yeahhhh baby ! My First Giveaway !!!

here s a glimpse of what could be some of the prizes
and perhaps would add more to them

I will announce all the prizes to be won in no time soon.

Till then ... Be Good and Keep On Checking This Blog for the coming exciting news !!!

Ini Ayu pegang kaki I cuba nak cuba halang Giveaway
which she will never be entitled to enter



p/s: I am sorry too for havent been visiting your blogs . I will insyaAllah soon