Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Giveaway Entry Closed !

I know you might want to argue with me that I should wait until the last 100th email. But my my my to wait that long ............ its going to take a few month or may be years .. haha (ok i m exaggerating a bit).

Anyways , being a good friend to Ayu my-good-fren-whos-not-entitled-to-enter-the-GA, I'm following her suggestion to choose the winners from only those who have sent in the answers.

I will announce the lucky names later today insyaAlllah, with photos of their winning items !!!!

Later alligator !


DiahRothman said...

Salam Ann.... laa dah tutup ker....! Terlior la kDee tengok hadiah yang berbagai tu.... Tak per lah nnti kDee pi umah Ann tolong lipat fabric Ann, tentu dapat hadiah juga... :D

Lynn Nasir said...

hehe..i can't wait if i'll be anywhere near the correct answers :D


a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Kak Diah: Alaaa Kak Diah tak yah join lah GA nih .. Kak Diah nak apa saja kat rumah tu meh la amik jaaa ... ahli keluarga mana buleh join !

Lynn Nasir: Good Luck !