Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Winners

Salam All.

Finally, the day has come for me to announce the winners of my first ever Giveaway. Even though it didnt happen the way I thought it would be .. (with hundreds of entries ...( hahahaha ada hati mimpi email sampai ke seratus) ) it drove me crazy too ..... with emails reaching not even 10 ... it was quite disheartening .. but then serve me right .. gatal buat soalan susah ! No wonder even Ayu said its like I m not willing to giveaway anything at all.

The riddle was something I got years back and I thought you ladies would have known or at the very least googled and found the answer from somewhere ... but it turned out not many even had a clue of what it is.

So heres the answer to the riddle:-


Yeap ...

"Nothing" could ever precede or be greater than HIM.

"Nothing" is more evil than the devil

Poor people (usually) have "nothing"

Wealthy people (usually) need "nothing"

If you eat "nothing" .. you will of course die

And as for the second part of the question where you have to list down the items .. well I dont really mind whatever you put in the list ... as long as theres a list. Just something for you to do ... hehe .. *evil grin*

The reason I put down the 100th email is actually for you all to help me get to that figure by .. well ... announcing it to the others so they would join too .. but like I said serve me right ..padan muka ... because of the difficult riddle ... manalah ada hati nak iklankan kat orang kan kan kan. Diri sendiri pun tak tau jawapan nak cerita hapanya kat orang lain ..... haih ...

Below are the list of winners and their winning items. I really hope you ladies love them , and yes please leave your mailing details in the comment or you can just email me. I hope to send out the items by this week insya Allah.

Haslina Haroon

(you should have a blog too!)


Sue Rosly

Erin Rizz



Lynn Nasir

Sheila Wahid


Nice Craft Sewing Studio

and Sue of Yarn and Hook, I didnt receive your answer/email, can you please forward the email you had sent, to my anickue@yahoo.com. I'll see if the answer you gave was correct or not, and will find something nice to give you if you did send the correct answer.

Haslina, take good care of this Ayam.
A handmade leather purse I found in Trang Thailand
which I personally love
but decided to Give it Away
because I believe
you should always give to people things that you yourself love

and I do love all the things that I gave away today

hiks hiks hiks

and dont worry all .... there ll be another Giveaway insyaAllah this coming November which would be the month of my BIRTHDAY .. and yes I promise you .. no difficult task this time .. perhaps just a simple drawing or sudoku ... hahahahaha .. ok kidding !

Thank you everybody. Dont forget to join my next GA in November ok ! and the prizes would of course be the things worthy of entry.


I need to finish my table cloth



Sheila Wahid said...
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MamaDaniel said...

saya akan cuba lagi bulan November nanti... promise!!! :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

jeleznyer dengan pemenang button chomel tuh...

Aneesah said...

Weehee congratulations! :D Anique, I actually emailed you jugak (at both email addresses) tapi I rasa sampai, because yang yahoo tuh ade dapat reply from this 3rd party application, boxbe.com, tapi dia sruh register or some sort so I ignored. =P Not sure if that's meant to happen, do you know about it?

I like this part "but decided to Give it Away
because I believe
you should always give to people things that you yourself love". Agreed!

DiahRothman said...

Congratulations to all winner......!

Lynn Nasir said...

alhamdulillah, terima kasih byk sis! ^^ rezeki..rezeki..

i'll email u the details :)

Rosh said...

Aisey, knp le malas pikir. Anyway, congrats to all winners. Ingatkn ada chance sbb kata nk tunggu smpai 100... hehehe... Nxt time musti join punya!

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Sheila: thanks .. pi mai pi mai kan hantar email.... i hope u like the coaster which was one of my first projects .. so ada la sikit2 jahitan lintang pukang ... hahaha (la ni pun ada)

MamaDaniel: Ya begitulah semangat yang kita mahu !!! Berazam dan bertekad dari sekarang ... sinting lengan tangan siap2 tau ... :-P

Mila: Jangan jeles ... kalau ada rezeki GA lain kali masih ada buttons tu .. gila beli button punya banyak .. hahaha

Annesah: Oh dear oh dear .. this must be due to the mishap of my BB and my blunder. Please accept my apology. I think I can find something for you to make it up .. I ll msg u privately.

Kak Dee: Ann hutang buttons lagi dgn Kak Dee .. hehehe

Lynn: Thanks you for your support and participation ... ure of of the SIX who sent in when I was expecting 100 ... hahahaha.. gila lah kan perasan !

Haslina said...

Ann, saya tersangatlah happy!!!! Love the fabric and the buttons and everything else that I'm going to get in the post soon. Terima kasih sekali lagi ya! Nanti I send you my address. BTW, I sangat pemalu (HAHAHA!), sebab tu tak ada blog. And one more thing, I'll probably frame up the ayam.....looks too precious to be used.

SueRosly said...

Alhamdulillah....Yahooo... I'm one of the lucky winners... Yahoo... Thank you to Allah... Thank you to Anique...Thank you to the juries... thank you the luck... Thank you all...

MyBotanG said...

ooooo itu jawapan dia.. NOTHING... *I did try to think of the answer.. but my brain is out of practice..* buley terima x excuse tu.. uhuhuhuh

nice and personal gifts.. sweet..
insyaallah next GA will give my best.. *tgh basuh my thinking hat* :D

congrats to the winners!!!

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Sheila Kak Ann delete Sheila punya komen sbb kan ada address ngan no phone Sheila .. kang ada yg kacau ka mengorat ka apa ka .. kan kan kan

Haslina: Ayam Kulit lasak lah .. !! Kulit ayam ja org tak bagi makan

SueRosly: amboi ucapan mcm terima anugerah AIM

Sue (MyBotang): believe it or not .. I didnt know the answer too when I first heard it ... hahahaha.

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Rosh: hahaha tu lah patut try bantai jaaa

SueRosly said...

Anique... Just received your parcel... Happy Happy... thank you thank you... LOVE IT....

erinrizz said...

Yay I won, I won !!! Thanks Anique for the Giveaway. I've emailed you for the mailing details.