Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its ART When You Cant Explain It

Remember the Jelly Roll from my last entry .....

I cut them into squares and decided my coffee table outside needs a new runner.

A bit (ahaa) crowded the design said my Sifu, Ayu ... I have to agree with her but of course I m too old to have the energy to get hold of the seam ripper.. so I just go with the flow

A bit smaller than the dinasour ... hopefully its much easier to tame !!

Ayu even said its a piece of an art

I take it as a compliment.

and I do like it

Have a Wonderful Weekend Everybodeh !

Salam Syaaban


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My First Jelly Roll

Hi ! Let me introduce myself again.
I m Ann.
(Just in case most of you have forgotten me after a long hiatus)

I just bought myself a jelly roll which when i first heard of it thought it was some sort of candy. So please excuse my taking all these pictures. Ya saya agak "peghak"

See when its unrolled

and now folded

and placed in rows

... never seen touched one before and its such a delight to finally get one. (Ya life is short, I m happy with whatever that brings me joy even if its only from this simple sweet roll)

the never ending project

I hope I can start with something else with the new jelly (hahaha) ..... rather than wait for this dinosaur quilt to finish. I seriously dont know when it is going to end ..... Letih buat ... jangan kata thread holder patah ... tulang belakang pun boleh tau.

Hopefully you ladies have a good time doing whatever you re doing !!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

I m A Confused New Quilter With Muscles

Oh yeah .. pump those biceps ladies

I need all the strenght to handle this
Something bigger, much bigger than the usual cushion cover

A new quilter with big ambition

but a weak back

crawling on this piece tacking is no joke

and not a small hassle

never never again underestimate those quilters lady

only a small portion and I m already thinking of giving up with this quilt design

How not to give up .... ????

and with muscles like mine its no surprise I m allowed to break a few things

I broke the thread holder

glued it tight

dry it with a hair dryer

broke it again

bad injury

and as of now seam ripper is my close fren

ripping away the quilt design

I think I better learn how to manoeuvre big piece with the machine first

before I can venture further

now you know why you need a strong hand

but bigger patience

and stronger determination

I salute you all quilters !!!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dont Mess With Me Cause I Got Stamps Now

by one nice talented lady


so again

dont mess with me

you really dont have to

I m already messed up with the inking and all

its all over my hands


I Am Still A Lousy Crafter - I m A Beginner I m Allowed To

My skill is very much limited which needs loads and loads of practice.

I may have ideas and all but when it comes mastering the skill I m at loss still

I dont make a really good crafter because I dont have that much patient .. and the ability to go over the tiny winy details ....

Okayy .... so thats the intro before I present to you my last night small " baskull" (basket + bakul ) hahahaha:-

They do look good together .. the pin cushion n the baskull

kerepot kan jahitan ...

tunggulah kalau rajin pakai seam ripper lagi pebetol yg bengkok

I got it from Ayumi's blog through this link DIY Bag Lover

Will use it to keep the bobbins hopefully


and will definitely insya Allah make another one ..

and this time carefully and patiently

Monday, July 12, 2010

Intro Song To My Finished Cushion Cover

Agak-agak P Ramlee Cyndi Lauper suka tak kusyen nih ..??


Quilting The Easy Stitch

I was not actually sure how to do it ... should I applique it first or should I just stitch them right away on the batting and all ... For the design thus I only made a house and a flower ... I cut them and quilted right away using free hand motion .. i did the same with the wording ..

but I do notice that the alphabet stitching had caused the fabric to shrink a bit making an uneven dimension to the quilt.

I should consult with the expert (read: Kak Dee Kak Dida and Ayu) later when all is done and see what went wrong and what I should have done

Ciao !


Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Am Impressed

this is a work of a beautiful girl named Raina

Rosh's lovely daughter

I just love love her choice of colors

and definitely the design as well


Gila COOL your daughter !!!

and Raina,

You are one talented girl

mintak Mak beli color banyak2 lagi ...



p/s: you can click Rosh's name up there for the link

Pernah Tak Menjahit Dengan Perasaan Sentap ..?

I have not been very productive lately. Yes .. I ve been quite busy and I have to admit I m quite stressed out. No, its not because of the fact that most of my clothes have turned against me and shrunk themselves or that Ayu is pestering me to brisk walk and run with her tomorrow ... no, no, no ...

I was hoping by finishing this one piece of simple cushion cover that I had started weeks ago would make me feel better ...

but instead I found myself quite in a foul mood while making it and made quite a number of mistakes ... the design the sewing the size ..... sentap sambil menjahit ... buruk kan ..?



It didnt turn out that well ... I just wanted to finish it as soon as possible but my cat was not helping me at all .. not that I expect him to cut the fabrics or kemas bilik sapu sampah basuh baju ka apa ....

Just please dont hog my workspace

as I am writing this I am still tensed and a little bite irritated .......

PMS ..... salahkan kucing


Friday, July 9, 2010

I See Your True Colors .. That s Why I Love You

although the "hello" is orange but
you can see a tinge of green in it

Poppy suggested to explore using different colors with the thread

I think I like this combo

I also think these colors are great

they are polyester

I hope to have more


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rasa Bersalah

bukan hanya pada boss yang bila kadang-kadang lambat masuk ofis

bukan juga pada Ayu yang katanya beliau adalah "epal" bukan "pisang"

atau pada ahli rombongan yang mahu ke Hatyai tapi tak berani sebab semuanya takut dengan geng bas merah baju merah

juga bukan pada mesin jahit yang terpaksa diabaikan seketika

tapi yang sebenarnya adalah rasa bersalah pada tubuh badan sendiri yang tidak lagi boleh memakai saiz 12 ..... (tak payahlah tahu saiz apa yg muat sekarang)

rasa bersalah ini hendak saya salahkan pada mesin jahit dan hobi menjahit ...

kalau sesiapa nak diet tolong jangan jatuh cinta menggila pada hobi seperti menjahit .. sebab ia memang tak akan membantu kamu kurus

ia buatkan kamu alpa dan terus gagal pergi ke gym, kolam renang mahupun stadium balapan atau velodrome untuk berlari atau kayuh basikal (makk aii lari dan naik basikal kat stadium you ... hahahahahaha .... nampak sangat tipu)



Sempatkah kurus dalam sebulan ni, nak jumpa Sue nanti .....

Tak salahkan kalau nak berharap