Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Bought A Badminton Racket and A(nother) Jelly Roll

Remember the last time I bought my first jelly roll ? Well since I ve almost finished using them all, I thought I needed some more.

I find that using jelly roll is so convenient and meet my purpose as they come in so many patterns with variety of colors, and duly cut into the right size which make it easy for me to think of things to do with them. Well.... errr so far I mainly use them for my cushion covers.

Heres the last few portions of the previous jelly roll which I made a cushion cover (again). Hmmm I guess I ve been cursed to stuck with doing the covers since my first "niat" of jumping into this sewing world was to .... make errrr ... cushion covers ! (Blame L*ura Ashl*y ) . Itulah pentingnya niat bila nak mulakan sesuatu perkara ... *sigh*.

I quilted ! and I finished it .... hahaha

its an accomplshment you know
if you know how I tried quilting those big stuff but never finished them

I should use another color for the "h" in "home"
tak naik langsung

on another note

I bought my first badminton racket yesterday !

yeayyy !

mai la main dengan i

kat jitra !

(sambil kenyit mata kat Kak Diah dan Ayu
dan semua gadis-gadis dan ibu-ibu yg athletic)



have a lovely weekend ladies


DiahRothman said...

Anne, dah pandai quilt dahhhhh , wah bagus!

KDee kalau main batminton ngan Ann, kerja kutip shuttle-cock jer laa....!

Rosh said...

mcm biasa... suke your cushion cover... badminton? hmm... idea yg baik nih! mmg kena exercise... bdn sudah mengembang la

Ayu said...

wehh...aku mmg terror main badminton..hang tunggu kepulangan aku...

MyBotanG said...

loving your free motion quilting.. nice.. you mmg penjahit cushion covers yg tegar.. :) *my home still x de throw pillows yg nak di-cover.. agak-2 terasa nak sedekah satu dua ketul x..?? hehehe

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Lovely Kak Dee : Awww you are so sweet ... but seriously ada benda nak kena pi belajar lagi dari Kak Dee tau .. nanti habak pengeraih berapa nak kena.

Rosh: Jom ahhhh main badminton sekali !!! Jom ahhh Jom !

Ayu: Ces .. aku tak gentar !!

Sue: Ai say malu la kalau nak bagi kat Sue pun ... tergolek2 Sue gelak tengok my sewing from near ...

Mila@Rimbun said...

wahhh suka the FMQ...

selamat bermain badminton yerr...

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

MIla: meh la kita lawan dua .. hahahahaha (ada hati mau ajak org lawan baru pegang raket tak sampai 2 minggu)