Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tajuk Standard - Sue's Giveaway

When Sue of MyBotang started announcing about her SALE, I was already excited hahaha .. yala fabrics from Japan, must be good (rubbing my two hands)

Her style of doing the sale was group by group .. and they are very limited

and so like a small cake to be shared by many ... only those who are fast and lucky manage to grab a piece (at least) .... So everytime I went online I made sure I checked Sues blog for any new items on Sale .. and Alhamdulillah I managed to grab a few ..

The way I did it was like once I looked at the entry I would automatically scroll down and looked at the comments to see if there had been some, and if there were more comments than the items featured .. i m doomed .. mati la semua orang dah sambar ... huh

So this morning when I visited the blog I was so excited to see such beautiful fabrics !! Terketaq-ketag ni scroll tengok komen .. alamak ada tiga dah komen ... I read the comments .. ehh si Malaysia siap cakap "I love you" .. apa hal sayang menyayang ???? Tak book pun.... baca second comment .. ehh apa nih ...

hahahaha .. rupanya the fabrics are meant for giveaway ..... not for SALE lah .... punya gopoh kalut tak baca betoi2 .... hahahahaha .. rasa poyo siut ..!

Ni hah , cuba tengok ! kalau lawa mcm ni punya fabrik .. tak gelabah ka tengok !!!

tension tau kalau tak menang

siang malam nanti terkenang

(wahh rhymenya)



MyBotanG said...

tima kaceh atas kata-2 manis mu itu.. *GRIN*

rosh said...

i'm still new to this world of giveaway... baru je celik.. nk join tp malu sbb sapale nk baca blg ku kecuali ann...huhuhu...

Ayu said...

i pun baca la rosh...jgn la cakap camtu..takpa everytime lepaih i baca I tinggaikan komen...ok

Ummi-Izah said...

as'kum ann..

jengah2 ke blog nih..nak hilang penat sat..bacalah berhelai2 pages entry memang hilang stress sat..

kagum2...ngan hasil2 keja ann

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Sue: hahaha (tetiba kan ..?)

rosh: dont worry rosh ... all of us have to take baby step first ... youre doing ok !! giveaway .. why not ..???

Ayu: (mode memujuk)

UmmiIzah: Thanks Umi ... Alhamdulillah ... selagi masih dipinjamkanNYA