Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Poem I Found


This foot was made for walking.
But not on my machine!
It turns out the weirdest quilting
That I have ever seen!
It sews along quilte nicely,
I stop holding my breath,
Then it does a little dance step
And scares me half to death!
I see a section of stitches
Too small for ripping out,
Then a leap and then a skip --
What is this all about?
A seam on top? The batting?
Am I doing something wrong?
I didn't dream that machine quilting
Would ever take this long.
The answer's out there somewhere,
I'll seek till I understand,
But until I get it sorted out
I just must quilt by hand!

Jacquie Scuitto aka The Muse

I found it and a few other funny poems here