Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adakah Jack The Ripper Asalnya Seorang Pentetas Kain Sebab Beliau Selalu Jahit Salah ?

Salam bahagia semua.

I finally finished my cushion cover . I know that the color combination is a bit off (sorry Sis and Kak Diah ..) but since I cant afford to be "Ann the Ripper", I thought I might as well proceed and learn along the way and revise the lesson. I tried a few new things and I had quite a hard time .... but I m glad I tried them because next time around I should know what to expect and how to go about it.

Oh ya before I proceed further I have to tell you the reason why I was so determined to learn how to sew is because I just could not stand the overly priced cushion cover at Laura Ashley. Do you know that one piece of cushion cover cost more than RM200 ! Its crazy kan ..... and tonite I know I will soon one day Insya Allah give a run for their money ..... ha ha ha. Gila perasan kan ....


Jejaka Perasan


Untuk rujukan "Siapa Jack" sila ke sini


DiahRothman said...

Ann, glad you did not become another Jack the Ripper....
Nah confidence cam tu lah yang bagus...no matter what people say, refer your instinct... problem will get resolved. Congratulations for not 'ripping'

Azaidris said...

kalau ye lah asal jack the ripper seoran penetas, then i'm a jack. Simply can't sew without having my ripper near me. Even the simplest thing pun kadang kena re-do balik..

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Kak Diah: haha I thank you so much for your support. Bukan apa yg tak ripp tu .... penat tau nak rip selalu ... tangan dah naik muscle !

Aza: Arent we all .... Jack ..? hehe. thanks Aza for dropping by !