Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey You Fabric Lovers !

My name is Popo
and like my owner
I am very shy

Today my owner received a parcel from TiniHani ... 
and no, she didnt show it to her boss

Hmm ..may be I can a make a "saree" for myself
I cant stand seeing her potholders anymore

Uhhhh .... I m so excited with this sweet fabric

 Thanks to you  Tini



semekutz said...

wahhh popo mama hang bukan main lagi skrg ni naaa...

awat masam beno? haihhh geram la pulok... sama santek dgn kain dah rupa dia... hahaha

err err sat lagi ikomen pasai kain u jahit pulak naaa ann haahaha ni i tgh xcited no komen pasai popo ni :p

suzie said...

fabrik ape yg sweeet sgt ni?

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Yan: hahaha ... thanks Yan for dropping by

suzie: fabrik beli dari TiniHani. Fabrik Ikea ... memang sweet kan....