Sunday, October 9, 2011

... best time to be creative is when you re sad ...

I bought the bears from Anita many a month ago.

my cousin said my living room now looks like a a showroom of cushions

the frills are not really perfect

I would definitely make them better the next time

the design is from my doodling
I have a drawing block on my table at the office
whenever I talked on the phone my hand would always be drawing something
its also convenient to have the block to take notes instead of jotting them in pieces of paper
which later would be lost

sorry if i havent been visiting your blogs soon enough

I also have an award due from Kak Dee

please bear with me ya



DiahRothman said...

Get going, girl... somehow it will mend, patch and heal some sadness away. Take care, dear.

Yoon said...

takziah kak ann... semoga rohnya dikalangan org2 beriman... and your cushion looks lovely... ada frills lagi tu:)

MamaDaniel said...

gabungan warna yang lembut... sejuk mata memandang... :)

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Kak Dee: Thanks !

Yoon: Terima Kasih Yoon .... frills tu sangat feminine kannnn ... hahahaha

MamaDaniel: Makasih ! Ya saya suka pastel colors ... :-)

Yati said...

Bestnya, living room banyak cushions. Dan cushion Kak Ann buat look lovely. :)