Friday, October 14, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award - 7 Things About Me

Because I was late in accepting the award from Kak Dee, I cant find any more Bloggers to extend this award to. The recipients have grabbed almost everybody I know already .......

But here are the seven things about me:-

1. I dont like reading manuals , never really have patience for it. Only when things go wrong with the device would I then reach for the manual.

2. I am a very optimistic person. I have a reputation among friends that I boost their confidence much more than theyre capable of. I never meant to jack them up, but I truly believe that theres nothing in this world you can't achieve or do if you ve set your mind to it.

3. I am also very impulsive, there are a few instances where I would just jump into a river or stream or even a pond just because I can't resist the temptation to swim. Yes, I had jumped with my full clothes on.

4. "Jill of Many Trades; Master of None" describes me perfectly, because I have difficulty focusing on the current interest for too long and I will soon move on to other activities, but most of my pursuits will come and go round and round in a circle

5. My mind has its own wings and works wonders that I cant control it most of the times. It is easily distracted too. I may seem to be listening to you talking about your latest patchwork when my mind is actually floating somewhere in Mercury land. Please help bring me back to earth occasionally when talking to me.

6. When I was small I "swam" with my hands and feet flapping on my grandmother's carpet, imagining it to be the sea or the river. And dont ask me why I decided to put my cute underwear on my head as “goggles” during the "swim".

7. I can listen to people and help them solve their problems or 'emotional issues'. I put different perspective to their problems and make them see things differently from other angles.

Now you know why I always have trouble in my sewing ......



Mila@Rimbun said...

kak N.. saya selalu labelkan blog k.N nii blog penglipurlara hahaha.. always making me sengeh2 depan pc nii sorang2

Yati said...

Hehehe.. nice to know few things about kak Ann. Kak Ann ni warm person, sebab from your comments, rasa mesra, walau pun kita tak pernah jumpa. ^_^