Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Very First Quilt

I had never laid my hands on a sewing machine before, until that first bag class with Pondok Craft last month, ( I will put up the entry later). And so when I bought my new Bernette E92c two weeks ago I was very excited and thrilled to try almost EVERYTHING but I somehow always ended up practising to sew a straight line only. Yesterday I finally decided I should put my minimum skill and the machine to test.

Sri from Pondok Craft was kind enough to donate me some batting and I thought it d be great to try some quilt and so I chose to try the simple potholder quilt I stumbled in this site.

I dont have that ruler or that mat or even that knife roller (whatever their names should be) and it was quite a task to use a scissor to cut a straight line .. and to mark the exact measurement as required (please bear in mind that I am a beginner)

it was also a task for someone who knows so little about the anatomy of a sewing machine to handle one .....

but then ... patience my friend ... plus determination and endurance and the fact that everything is all in the state of mind .. I present to you .... my potholder quilt :-


nampak cantik kan


looks beautiful

but scroll down and keep on looking

ha ha ha ha

like they said:-

there's always a first time for everything


p/s: the flowery fabric is from May May


little-iro-iro's owner said...

Biasalah, memang mesti ada pertama kali dalam apa jua sekali pun, bila dah lama menjahit makin mahirlah kita kan? Dok Jitra kat mana? Suami orang Jitra, betul-betul kat pekan Jitra...