Friday, September 9, 2011

What I ve Been Up To

After more than a week of my photo with Popo in my last entry I better put up something new. Raya was fine Alhamdulillah. My grandmother , my dear Tok, has not been well for the past few months now and we've been taking turns to look after her

If you must know I have moved into my present house for more than 5 years already, and I have never bothered to add anything to the bare porch. My father just complained to me recently that he had no place to sit outside my house to read the newspaper. So ....... when I saw the swing in Changloon the other day with my sister, she insisted (yes she did) me to buy it. Its not like one of those elegant expensive looking swings in "Laman". I bought this for only RM450 and I have to say it myself, I just love it. Its so me ! So, to celebrate the new swing, I burned the midnight oil making the bunting ! hahaha ... "ghayan" kata orang Kedah ! 

And here are a few other things I made .... which include some I ve shown before in this blog

Coasters from the linen purchased eons ago

painted the stones too and turned them ugly

saw those polka dots fabrics at Nagoya and made a simple mat
blue and green on each side

 my sister saw the fabric at Nilai, mms me
and I asked her to get me a few meters
the new table cloth brings cheerful mood to my kitchen

I hope your Raya has been wonderful too 
.... dah puasa nam ?

saya pun belum



Mila@Rimbun said...

love that swing... kalau Izzah tengok mesti dai nak jugak satu hahaha (request yg tak pernah dapat hahaha)

Suzie said...

cantik swing tu ....belum start lagi puasa enam ...lama sangat Allah bagi cuti ...

DiahRothman said...

Ann, tak ada kurang nya rumah Ann even without the swing.... With it it adds more texture and variety to your HOME.
Nanti nak pi umah Ann dan nak hayun endui tu puas2.... :D

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Mila: kirim ja Izzah tu mai kedah ni hah .. hahaha .. mai main ndoi...

Suzie: Selamat Berpuasa Nam Suzie !!

Kak Dee: eshhh kosong sangat kak Dee depan rumah ann tu, orang ingat rumah sewa ka apaaa... rumah kak Dee lain laaa.. ada tukang kayu mahir .. boleh buat mcm2 !